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Published on December 9th, 2016 | by Callib Carver

A New o7 Magazine

In July I launched o7 Magazine, however, it went quickly into hibernation. My girlfriend and I moved across three states and started a new life. o7 took a back seat, and since then I’ve been yearning to flex my journalism muscles and start writing again.

All that being said I’ve been working on a redesign of o7, including the very cheesy logo I had designed, more as a placeholder than anything. One that I’ve been working on replacing. But ultimately it’s not about some fancy logo, it’s about the content of o7.

We will be covering the tech and gaming industries, which in their own way are one in the same. We’re going to find amazing crowdfunding campaigns, be them undiscovered or smash hits. New startups that are cropping up all over. We’ve also got the coolest games, and next-gen systems that are working to out-do each other and already 2017 is set to be an interesting year with some amazing games set to release.

Of course, while we are a small publication, we still have standards and ethics we will always abide by. The biggest one being full transparency and disclosure, including any conflict of interest, such as reporting on something that one of our contributors may be involved in.1

If you have any tips, let us know. Have some feedback, send us an email or leave it in the comments section. Have a question, we are here to answer. We hope you’ll enjoy o7 Magazine, what I’m considering the real launch of o7, and we hope to have many years of keeping you all in the know.

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About the Author

Callib Carver is the founder & editor of o7 Magazine. Having spent three years as a student journalist, focusing in photography & video, and working with several small publications, he now writes for his own publication, blog, and is an active freelancer in Washington state.

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