o7 is a digital tech and news magazine, published in a hybrid journalistic and blog style, and run by aspiring journalists and contributors. 07 is focused on reporting about the newest bits of tech and games, as well as the culture that surrounds the two. The magazine is written in true journalism fashion, following the style laid out by the Associated Press. However, as a publication, we have some of our own thoughts on style and do change things up a bit from time to time.

Where Did “o7” Come From?

o7, pronounced Oh Seven, is a symbol, if you will, in the online gaming community. If you haven’t noticed yet, it looks like someone saluting. It’s referred to as salute or “oh Seven”. Most often it’s seen when someone logs in or out of a game, as a way to say hello. In our experience, we’ve seen it used most often in one particular game, EVE Online.

The People Behind o7

o7 is run by volunteers contributors, either staff writers or contributors. That being said we can’t, unfortunately, cover everything that goes on in the massive communities that make up tech and games. But we do our best to cover everything.

Our Current staff and contributors include;


All of us at o7 write in an unbiased fashion so that we stay to true to the journalistic side of our sudo-jobs. That being said we can from time to time insert our opinions, thoughts, and or feelings. First, we want the site to be professional but this is a blog after all and it can be, and we want it to be a bit more casual. Secondly, we’d like to state that any opinions expressed are solely those of the writer that wrote them, and not those of o7, unless otherwise stated. This includes reviews, opinion articles, list, or any rants, or raves.

o7 Magazine may, and currently does, display ads through google’s Adsense platform, you can learn more about our advertisements and ads policy here. It however in no way endorses or sponsors the ads, content, services, or product in any shape, way, or form. This includes sponsored content, which o7 Magazine doesn’t take part of in any way, shape, or form.

We also believe in full disclosure. That means if there is any possible conflict of interest, we will tell you. If a company or person gives us something to review, that we will not only tell you, but we will give it a fair and unbiased review. So if it’s bad it’s bad, if it’s good it’s good. If at any time o7 changes in any way, we want everyone to know about it, and we want your feedback about it as well.

You The Reader

We want to hear from, you, the reader. Give us your opinion, let us know what you think, tell us about something new, or make us see something in a new light. Do you have a hot tip? Is there something we missed, what are you looking forward to? Let your voice be heard, er… Read. The best way to do this is via the comment section on every article.

But we do ask that you keep it civil and that you be polite to one another, including our staff at o7. To view our official comment guidelines please visit the respective page.

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