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o7 Magazine is a place for gamers, techies, and anyone else who’s interested in the culture that surrounds the two, to not only read but share their thoughts and opinions. But we do ask that we all, staff, contributors, and readers keep things civil on the site and in the comments.

We love to engage with our readers, and we want nothing more than to inform and promote the conversation between everyone. That’s what makes blogging awesome. We don’t like to and do our absolute best not to moderate our comments, as we believe everyone should be able to speak their mind. However, things that are negative, irrelevant (like shameless self-promotion), hateful, or spam may be removed by our staff.

o7 Magazine’s comment system is integrated with Facebook, and as such commentators will be commenting through their Facebook profiles, instead of through the WordPress comment system that we initially used. | Amended 2.19.17

If anything changes with our comment guidelines we will highlight said changes and make a note of said changes below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Adopted 7.7.16 


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