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Published on December 12th, 2016 | by Callib Carver

Abyssrium — App Spotlight

One of the new additions to o7 is a regular feature. The App Spotlight will showcase apps regularly in all their glory or horror. This will include productivity apps, games, wearable apps, and anything else inside the app ecosystems. While this in no way is limited to any one mobile ecosystem, I personally use Android, which means most of the app spotlights I write will be based on Android apps or the Android version of the app. Each spotlight will focus on four features of an app; it’s functionality, user interface, graphics, and Virality.

We christen our first regular feature with the game Abyssrium, by IDLE idea factory. This Android and 웹iOS based gaming app lets anyone build an aquarium in the abyss of the ocean. The game itself is quite simple, you take the role of a lonely piece of corallite. You find yourself alone in the deep until you start growing plants and adding fish to your little aquarium.

You earn vitality, which is Abyssriums version of money, by tapping and by growing plants, which give you “X” amount of vitality per second based on their level. As you grow the number of plants, and their respective levels, you will receive more vitality per second. Which you use to level up your corallite, the plants (or purchase new plants), and to add more fish to your aquarium.

The game functions well, and the interface is simple. It even has a VR option, that lets you view your world in more depth. I’ve yet to have any loading or really any issues with the app. But where the game earns the most points, which for me is always a big one, is its graphics. It’s simply beautiful. It takes place in the abyss of the ocean, where little to no light is suppose to shine. Yet IDLE Idea Factory manages to turn this dark world into something that draws you in, through its painted landscape and the lively host of creatures and slightly comical ,but friendly, bit of coral.


The painted and beautiful graphics are what caused me to finally download the app. I had heard a few good reviews of the app and how it was relaxing, but the images of it made me download it. I still have the app, even after the review and something about it I do find calming and relaxing. The music is peaceful and suits the setting. Like a siren, it draws you into the game even more. It’s a great time killer, and on my lunch or breaks, I find myself checking in and spending my half hour tapping and caring for my abyssrium. Before I know it my lunch or break is over and I have to step away.

It’s also nice that when you walk away from your game that your fish don’t die. Some storm doesn’t destroy the fragile ecosystem that is your corallite. But you do earn an hours worth of vitality. When it comes to mobile games I love something I can walk away from and return to. I personally don’t want to be chained to an app game that I have to return to on some regular basis to keep playing. This is a point for the game, in my book, but it could be a point against it in its long-term sustainability.

That is my only concern for this app. How long can it stay afloat? As we see so often, apps have to keep growing and adding content. What will keep users engaged and stop them from moving on past the tranquil seas of their private Abyssrium? Is it’s beautiful images and tranquil and soothing sounds enough to make Abyssrium good enough to stand the test of time? I’m not sure, and I personally can’t see a long term for this app, though I do hope it doesn’t disappear into the dark.

Abyssrium is available on both Android and iOS. You can find it on Google Play or on the App Store.

If you have an app you’d like us to try out, even if it’s your own, send us a link and a blurb about your app and it may be in the spotlight next. Submit your app.

Abyssrium — App Spotlight Callib Carver
User Interface

Summary: Abyssrium is a simple, but beautiful game. It isn't feature rich, it may not change the way you look at the world, but it's calming and beautiful graphics, with audio to match, are unmatched.


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