o7 Magazine is a fledgling news source, dedicated to providing up to date, breaking, and unique news, that is unbiased, informative, and even at times entertaining coverage, of the technology & gaming industries.

Advertisements help us continue to grow and cover the cost to host our site. All monies, 100% of it, earned from any advertisements is reinvested into o7 Magazine. In the future, we also hope this will help support a small staff of writers and editors.

Currently, our ads are served through the Adsense, by Google. That being said while these ads will, in part, support this site. We aren’t a click-bait site or any of that kind. So we will keep the ads to a minimum, so they don’t interfere with our articles, the sites functionality, or cause anyone any trouble.

o7 Magazine does not participate, allow, or publish sponsored content in any way, shape, or form. If we ever receive a service, product, or item that someone wishes us to review, cover, or try-out we may do so, but we will include a disclosure note that we were given said product, or that we paid for the product, and when done we will return it to the rightful owner(s).

We also do not endorse, sponsor, recommend, or make any claims for or against any of the ads shown on our site. Anything of relevance is purely coincidental. If we know of a conflict of interest we will make a full disclosure notice on the appropriate area of our site.

Why are we telling you this? Because at o7 Magazine we want to be as transparent and open as possible with our readers, sources, and everyone that we interact with. So if things change we will update this page with the relevant information.

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