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Create Your Own 3D Printed Animals With Polyzoo

We cover a lot of things at o7, and sometimes they feel a bit more serious, even if it’s about a game. So I wanted to share a fun, and even cute, project that is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, Polyzoo.

It’s a 3D printed zoo, or rather it could be a zoo. The project aims to provide customers with the files needed to 3D print dinosaurs and other animals, that can be used in virtually any way.


Image courtesy of Polyzoo

Each animal is a low poly creature, which means it will have a very geometric look to it. Which has been an “in” style and look for homemakers and generally as a decoration in homes & offices for the past few years.

There will be two types of files available. “The 3D files: These files will be in native Rhino format, along with an export as an OBJ and an STL. Can be used for 3D printing, castings, renderings, etc.” Polyzoo explained, “The 2D files: These files will be an unrolled version of each model saved out as DXF and AI file formats. The unrolled files will have added tabs to help with assembly. These files can be used on a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, or any other machine that works and cuts vector lines. A printable PDF will also be included which can be printed on a regular desktop printer and cut by hand.”

Each Dinosaur will come with a sticker file, that can be created and used. These will be


Image courtesy of Polyzoo

delivered as both an AI and DXF file format. “From the Dinosaur Collection, only the Triceratops sticker exists at the moment but the other ones will be made once the 3d models are finalized,” Polyzoo stated on their Kickstarter page.

Currently, the team has five days left in their campaign and have raised $125, from five backers, out of their $1,200 goal. It remains to be seen if they will make their goal or not, and without this funding, if they will continue the project and release their Polyzoo. Outside of that the only risk that they’ve listed is that prototyping and delivery may take a bit longer.

If you’re interested in Polyzoo you can find them on Kickstarter, or visit their website.

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