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Published on February 13th, 2017 | by Callib Carver

Feedly — App Spotlight (UPDATED)

I’ve tried a lot of different feed tools, and before Google shut Google Reader down I was using their system, however over the past few years I’ve been using Feedly, and it’s one of the more useful tools I use and helps me look for news stories. I can’t deny that Feedly is a great looking feed app. Outside of that, it does offer a fair set of basic and advanced (paid)feedly-galaxy-2 tools.

My favorite feature outside of the basic ability to add an RSS feed url is that you can search within Feedly for a source and then add it. Which with the current state of the internet finding an RSS feed for some sites is a bit of a chore as they don’t make them readily available or apparent like they did in the 90’s or early 2000’s. To top that off Feedly makes suggestions for other feeds, based on what you’re subscribed to.

Feedly also sports a function and simple website, as well as a highly functional mobile app, which in my experience has been a problem for other RSS feed tools. Both allow you to customize how exactly you see your feeds, and it has pulled every video and image fast and successfully from every post I’ve read on the service.

The service has operated smoothly and has without a doubt filled a large hole that was left when Google shut down their reader back in 2013. In google’s original post about their reader being shut down, they actually link over to another site that listed off various alternatives and Feedly is one of them.

Feedly does offer some more advanced features, for a price. With it’s basic and free edition you can add up to 100 feeds, save stories in up to three boards, create up to three collections, and share it across social media sites. The two paid editions, Pro which cost $5 per month and Team which cost $18 per month, allow search filtering, automated workflow with IFTTT and Zapier, an Evernote save function, annotations, highlights, and much more.

The app itself is simple, in that the graphics and design are straightforward and if I’m honest a bit plain. But ultimately it’s about functionality and it is functional.

If you’re in need of an RSS feed tool, I would highly recommend Feedly. It as a good look, it’s simple, fast, and to put it simply it works. It is available through your web, and on Google Play for Android and the App Store.

Feedly — App Spotlight (UPDATED) Callib Carver
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Summary: Feedly is a simple, functional reeder that just works.


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