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Guild Wars 2: The Head Of The Snake — Review {Spoilers}

In early February, on the eighth to be exact, ArenaNet released the fourth episode in the Living World Season 3 entitled The Head of The Snake. Which was an interesting addition to the game and your progress through the everlasting and ever-changing storyline, but it left me wanting more!

Players find themselves being summoned to Divinity’s Reach by none other than Queen Jennah herself, and at her request, you help her attempt to root out spies and secure the ministers of the kingdom. I don’t want to give too much away, but things go south, as they always seem to do. Maybe it’s just my Sylvari engineer, or perhaps along with all the magic pulsating through the world, there is an equal amount of bad luck sharing those same veins.

When the White Mantle attacks Divinity’s Reach they take with it the neighboring region of Lake Doric, which is emptied after the locks and dam are destroyed. Logan Thackery said it will take years to rebuild the Locke, in the meantime, the Lake Doric area and the people who depended on the Lake are in an all out war.

The White Mantle have taken over Fort Evennia, the fishing town of Loamhurst is in shambles, Sadria’s Haven, which sits just across the former lake from the gates into Divinity’s Reach is under constant attack from the White Mantle or at least it feels like it. Then there is a heavily fortified house in the Harvest Cascades region that both the White Mantle and Seraph are attempting to maintain control of.


A Jade Bow


There are also the Jade Bows, which are a personal favorite of mine, and by favorite I meanI hate them. These constructs hit hard and they put up a challenge by themselves, let alone in groups.

The region also sports six renown hearts, which are repeatable. I’ll be honest I don’t feel like they are anything special to repeat. Once you complete them once you will earn the renown heart permanently.

Finally, there is the ultimate mission of defeating Confessor Caudecus, which is a pain in the ass, but not per say hard. It does require you to pay attention and use special abilities to break his bloodstone magic, which stuns him and allows you the chance to attack and do some real damage. Later on, during the second battle, you’ll have to throw several bloodstones at his shield to overpower him with bloodstone power and once his shields drop you again can attack and try to do as much damage as possible.

The second battle was harder as he throws explosives everywhere inside his chamber, and then essentially summons backup after the room spins around like a twisted merry-go-round from hell, which was at times very disorienting.

After all said and done this episode felt very built up, and we did need to resolve the White Mantle issue or at least deal with Caudecus. But I wanted more, I felt like this was just a tease compared to other Living Season episodes. One that I think could’ve been included or wrapped into another episode.

The addition of a new map and another section of Tyria was interesting, but again it didn’t feel like something leading up to two possible dragons fighting each other or fighting Tyria itself.

Personally I can’t wait for the next episode, and I hope it gives us more. I also wish that ArenaNet would release these episodes a bit faster.

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