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Pinterest Release Lens To US Users

Pinterest has been working on ways to improve their search through what they call “Visual Discovery” the latest feature to be released is Lens, which uses the camera on your iOS or Android device to help you search for relevant pins.

Through Lens, users can take a photo, within the Pinterest app, or use a photo already on your device, search through Pinterest for similar or relevant pins.


Lens search | Image courtesy of Pinterest

“But Lens is still learning, and doesn’t always recognize exactly what you’re looking for.” Eric Sung, product manager for search at Pinterest wrote on their blog, “Lens is still in beta, which means it isn’t perfect just yet. It is pretty good with recipe ingredients and outfit ideas. And if you Lens a throw pillow, chair or piece of art over at your friend’s house, you should turn up some great ideas.”

To access the Lens you will click the search icon, and then tap the search bar, at least I did on my Galaxy S5. Then you’ll see a little red camera icon appear. When you click that it will open up Lens. From there point it at something, tap the photo and Lens begins to try and figure out what you’re lensing.

My first attempt at lensing something was met with some confusing results, as I lensed the new modular mouse I bought last night. It gave me some Nike Jordans, among other things. I did a few pieces of furniture and had some better results. It’s a new feature and it worked, it just needs fine tuning, which they’ve already thought of at Pinterest.


Sung also stated that Lens will remain in beta, but didn’t disclose how long. They have implemented a feedback feature which is aimed at improving lens. “If you get results that feel a little meh,tap the new + button to add feedback and help Lens get better at finding ideas inspired by whatever you just Lensed.” Sung wrote.

They have also started a hashtag, #PinterestLens, and asked users to post a screenshot of whatever it is they’re “lensing” and post their Lens results to social media, be them good or bad, so they can see how Lens is doing.

Have you tried out Pinterest Lens, if so what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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