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Published on March 20th, 2017 | by Callib Carver

The Trail — App Spotlight

I’m a big fan of simulator games, and if I can play them on my phone or tablet then it defiantly earns a few extra points in my book. However, it has to be good. The Trail by 22Cans and Kongregate is a great example of a simulator game, that looks good, and has some of the worst functionality issues I’ve come across in awhile.

The game caught my eye because it has a detailed poly style, which has been ever popular among indie games. That being said it also seems to be the style for developer 22Cans, the creator of Godus, a now virtually dead Steam game, and Godus Wars to name their two more notable games.


The Nigel Thornberry of The Trail. | Screenshot by Callib Carver

It does look fun, and that was almost instantly ruined upon loading the game on my Samsung Galaxy S5. Which I want to note every device, despite the make and model, can function differently, that being said I don’t tend to have problems with my phone and how it or various apps function on it.

All that being said, upon loading the app, and creating my character, all of which are kind of funky and funny looking, one of which looks like Nigel Thornberry. After this process, which takes around thirty seconds or so, you jump right into the actual game. Which is as an explorer your trying to reach a distant mountain.

My major problem with this game is the constant freezing and lag inside the game. As you start to move the game freezes for a second, the images jump, and well it’s like watching a YouTube video on the dial-up internet again. I made it about five minutes into the game, to the third camp, before putting it down.

It also felt like the game had some issues detecting my touch, as I’d use the noted swipes, like swiping up, to increase speed or make my character stand up and leave the camp and I would have to do it two, three, or four times. I did clean my screen and it did improve, but it was still a bit of an issue, as I’d have to re-swipe several times still.

To be fair I did close all other apps, clear out all caches, cleared the ram, and did everything I could think of to give the game as many resources as it needed to run properly, or at least better than it was. All with little success that caused me to uninstall the game.

This ultimately is the only major problem I’ve found with the game. I want to play it, and I hope I’d enjoy it. From what I gathered of the game I did like it. It feels like a runner game, but with an overall goal and point. Even a bit of a story built in, a very loose story, but a story none the less.

As of last night, 3/18/17, I did reinstall the game to give it another shot. I made it to the fourth camp, which put me around seven minutes into the game, roughly, and it was functioning a lot better, I’d even say the game was playable. I didn’t have any freezing, glitching, lag, or anything like that. I did still have some issues with the touch detection, again cleaning my screen helped, but it didn’t solve it.

When I started the game back up this morning, it started working just fine, but as I continued to play it within two minutes the game started to freeze, lag, and glitch. Eventually, I gave up on trying to play it anymore and after I finish this article I’ll be uninstalling it.


The backpack, which holds everything you find on your adventure. | Screenshot by Callib Carver

I’d like to touch on the user interface, which is fairly simple. You have a menu, a backpack with all your items in it, and then another menu for your crafting options and gear. It’s easy to navigate and use, assuming the game is actually working. But I can’t say much more than that.

Ultimately I’m giving The Trail 1.7 stars. It could be a good game, but the functionality ruins everything. As for it being viral or growing, if other people have the same issues I do then I can only assume that they will uninstall it, and not everyone will give it a second chance. It defiantly feels like a 22Cans game.

If you’d like to brave The Trail, you can do so on both Android and iOS devices through the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Do you plan to give The Trail a shot? If you’ve already played it, what did you think? Let us know in the comments.

The Trail — App Spotlight Callib Carver


User Interface

Summary: The Trail leads you on a path to glitches, poor touch detection, and the uninstall button.



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